We were blown away by your generosity and support! In total EUR 75.000/USD 91.400 was donated!

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Alongside the many travel changes & cancellations, we have spent the time since April focusing on beneficent and charity work. We were truly blown away by the many donations that we received over the lockdown months and donations are still streaming in. In total an amazing sum of EUR 75.000 / USD 91.400 was donated by our clients or some of our agency friends. This all went directly to food projects! We would like to say a great Big Thank You to all who donated!! Here are a few numbers and facts showing what our team achieved over the months:

  • EUR 20.000 / USD 24.300 was used to purchase food supplies for the orphanage Baphumelele (in Khayelitsha Township) where Rosie and her team look after 140 children.
  • With EUR 28.000 / USD 34.100 and together with the Lions Club in Tokai
    we were able to sustain up to 70 families for months with basic foods and vegetables in the townships of Westlake, Lavender Hill & Capricorn Park.
  • With EUR 14.000 / USD 17.000 we were able to provide tens of thousands of sandwiches and soup packs over 8 months, this all went to the homeless and those unemployed casual workers in the suburbs around Cape Town.
  • In Mozambique, at a pre-primary school close to Lodge Travessia, we were able to finance the annual salary for the teacher and we are also planning to fund a toilet with septic tank and a well.
  • We regularly support various soup kitchens with fresh vegetables and other ingredients as well as two creches where we assist with funds for food and small graduation gifts for the children.

If you would like to get more information and details about these activities, just contact Anke at: anke@inspiration-africa.com, we can also provide you with more photos or if you have an idea for future activities, please let us talk!


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