Unspoilt nature, wild tropical rainforests and a once in a lifetime experience, this is Gorilla trekking. Discover this country in East Africa that is sure to take your breath away.

Uganda is located on the Equator in the eastern part of the African continent. A hilly and green plateau forms the majority of the landscape and the elevation ranges between 1000 to 1500m above sea level. A year round rainfall leaves its beautiful mark in the form of green and fertile landscapes.

Ranging from a typical East African savanna landscape to the thick tropical rainforests, a wide variety of vegetation is found in the country offering an ideal habitat for the multitude of animal species found. In the early morning hours not only predators such as lions or leopards, but also giraffes and elephants can be marvelled at frequenting watering holes. In the afternoon the attention shifts to gorillas in the rainforests or hippos on the riverbank. With more than 1000 bird species Uganda is a paradise for bird lovers.

The main reason for the annual large influx of guests is primarily due to the endangered mountain gorilla, found in the Bwindi Impenetrable & Mghahinga Gorilla National Parks. Visitors can undertake the popular “gorilla trekking” in one of the parks and see the animals up close, an experience never to forget. All original and unspoilt, immerse yourself deep into the African continent.

Spectacular landscapes, unspoilt rainforests, breath-taking animal sightings and an inviting and warm population combined with gorilla trekking will leave you spell bound with Uganda!

The costs for permits to partake in the gorilla trekking is currently approx. USD 600.00 per person per trek.

We will gladly advise guests with their next travel request.

Additional interesting facts about Uganda:

  •     Size: 241,038 km2
  •     Population: approx. 47.7 million
  •     Official languages: Swahili & English
  •     Climate: tropical
  •     Currency: Ugandan Schilling

Visa: As of 1st July 2016 visas can only be applied for online at: https://visas.immigration.go.ug/

Additionally scanned passport copies, passport fotos, proof of Yellow Fever injections and if required other proofs need to be submitted. After the application procedure and the successful submission of the passport copies and original proof of payment of the visa fee (cash, in USD or Ugandan currency) the via will be issued upon entry.