Located on the banks of the Indian Ocean, with beaches to dream about and nothing but pure relaxation to enjoy, is Mozambique. Not only can you relax on these pristine beaches, but also be active and enjoy water sports more than anywhere else.

Mozambique is an insider tip for island and beach lovers seeking the untouched nature! With an unbelievable 2,700 kilometres of endless secluded beaches filled with palm trees, Mozambique is a well-kept secret of tropical fascination. In front of the coast, there are coral reefs, an amazing underwater world, where breathtaking diving experiences are waiting for you! Encounter on majestic manta rays that draw their tracks, countless tropical fish, whales, dolphins and not to forget the sea turtles that lay their eggs on the beaches!

The tropical island of Bazaruto and the Quirimbas archipelago with its picturesque lagoons are extraordinary destinations for beach holidays. Along with luxurious resort-type hotels, there is a perfect world for diving, snorkelling, deep sea fishing or just relaxing on the mile long, white, sandy beaches with the crystal clear, turquoise water! Spectacular sunsets and fresh seafood are of course part of the experience!

The capital, Maputo, with its 1.1 million inhabitants, is visibly influenced by the Portuguese colonial era. Along with the impressive Portuguese buildings and the palm tree lined streets along the coast, visitors can enjoy the lively ambience and nightlife with “fado” singing.

More interesting facts about Mozambique:

  • Size: 801,600 km²
  • Inhabitants: 32 million
  • Official language: Portuguese
  • Currency: Mozambican Metical
  • Climate: tropical
  • Visa: Please apply at the Mozambican embassy before travelling!
  • Other: left-hand traffic, rather bad road conditions so private driving tours are not advisable