Botswana is the African Outback. It is one of the few paradises for nature lovers on earth, with an untouched wilderness as far as the eye can reach.

One of Botswana’s highlights is the unique Okavango-Delta, where the Okavango River flows into the swamp within the Kalahari Desert. With a varying area of 15,000 – 22,000 km2, the Okavango Delta is bigger than Belgium and the world biggest inland delta. It is located in one of the biggest continuous sand regions worldwide. The ideal way to explore the Okavango Delta is by taking a Mokoro, a local dugout canoe that glides silently through the beautiful ecosystem. Skilled rangers will show you the living environment of leopards, hyenas and lions. Get close to animals by joining a river safari and observe elephants in the bathing in the morning or crocodiles and hippos in natural pools surrounded by reed. Unique wildlife experiences are waiting for you.

Another must-do is the Chobe National park in the northern part of Botswana. It is home to Africa’s biggest elephant population, a huge buffalo herd, and also a variety of fascinating birds.

Not to forget among Botswana’s treasures, is the Kalahari Desert on the border to South Africa and Namibia as well as the magnificent landscape of the Makgadikgadi Pan, which is considered one of the largest salt pans in the world. The beauty of untouched wilderness and the fascinating diversity of species in contrast with the tranquility of an endless starry sky and the unspoiled expanses and seclusion, will create unforgettable moments.

For the protection of Botswana’s unspoiled nature, the theme when visiting is “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints”. Enjoy your stay in exclusive tent camps and enjoy breathtaking fly-in safaris where you explore the wildlife from a different angle. We are looking forward to hearing from you and are happy to arrange your unforgettable journey to Botswana leaving nothing to be desired.


More interesting facts about Botswana:

  • Size: 581,730 km2
  • Population: 2.39 million people
  • Official languages: Setswana and English
  • Currency: Botswana Pula
  • Climate: sub-tropical with dry season April – November
  • Visa: for most visitors upon arrival – visa will be issued at the airport
  • Health requirements: Malaria prevention
  • Other: Left-hand traffic