Discover breathtaking desert landscapes and unforgettable wildlife experiences. Namibia’s incomparable diverse beauty is so special, which makes it practically indescribable.

The Namib is the world’s oldest desert, and offers vast dune landscapes ranging in colour from pale yellow to an orangey-red, composed of various natural earthy elements.

Experience nature on a new level with the traditional locals of the Himba village, or rather a safari at the incredible Etosha National Park, or a trip to the Damaraland, where you can search for desert elephants. We would love to incorporate some, if not all, of these suggestions as a possible highlight of your tailor made Namibia trip.

Namibia is not only a dream destination for photographers, with rich colours contrasts and fascinating textures of flora and fauna. Tranquillity and vastness are prime characteristics of Namibia, which is amongst the most sparsely populated countries in the world. Its impressions will capture you for life.

The most creative landscape architect could not have designed the Namibian landscape more spectacular in colour and shape as nature shapes the scenery: Starting from the Kalahari to the xeric scrublands and the Diamond coast. Baobabs and quiver trees, lions, elephants, giraffes and meerkats are waiting for you in Namibia and are guaranteed to delight your soul.

Traveling Namibia is not just experiencing nature. It also means finding oneself: The sense of emotions, sounds, colours and smells, are experienced more intensely than anywhere else. Not to forget the mesmerising endless starry sky.

We are happy to assist in creating your dream journey to this fascinating country, Namibia.

More interesting facts about Namibia:

  • Size: 824,292 km2
  • Population: 2,58 million people
  • Official language: English
  • Climate: desert climate with hot summers (November – April) and mild winters (May – October)
  • Currency: Namibian Dollar
  • Visa: for most visitors upon arrival
  • Health requirements: the main tourist attractions / areas are malaria free regions
  • Other: Left-hand traffic