Anke RochauOwner

Anke Rochau, born and raised in the historic Rattenfängerstadt of Hameln, has spent a significant part of her life in cities such as Münster, Frankfurt, and Hannover, working for renowned tourism companies such as DER and TUI. She has gained valuable experiences in different fields of the tourism industry. Inspired by her passionate enthusiasm for Africa and after numerous journeys through the southern part of the continent, the tourism expert relocated to Cape Town in 2003. Anke has turned her personal passion for travel into her profession, meticulously planning private trips, Incentives, and group bookings with utmost care and individuality, infused with creativity and attention to detail.

With an impressive professional experience of over 35 years and a comprehensive knowledge of various travel destinations, hotels, and lodges, Anke possesses the expertise to captivate guests with the allure of Southern Africa.

In addition to crafting tailored private journeys, Anke has also orchestrated unforgettable stays for numerous VIPs, ministerial delegations, and esteemed companies. Her extensive network plays a pivotal role in her success. Even after all these years, Anke considers it an honor when guests entrust her to help create their most precious time of the year—their vacation.