Which countries can you travel to again?

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We hope that you are as impressed, as we are, with these amazing and prize-winning Photos of the Maasai Mara! Return to the regions of East or Southern Africa soon and experience these special moments in person:

Namibia is the first country to recover from the effects of Corona. This African country had almost no infections and opened its borders again for tourists already on 30 September and Namibia is not on the list of ‘risk countries’ anymore. This means when returning home, no quarantine is required. Our first 8 guests were fascinated and touched by their holiday trips, even in times of Corona!

South Africa lifted its travel ban on 11 November, since then international travellers are once again welcome. The desire to escape winter in the Northern Hemisphere & enjoy summer here has been growing, we have had and currently have ecstatic guests enjoying amazing wildlife sightings in the Kruger National Park and sunny weather in the Western Cape. A valid, negative PCR Test must be presented at your departure airport as well as upon entry into South Africa. South Africa is still on the list of “risk countries” and there are debates to close the borders again due to a mutated corona virus.

Tanzania was one of the few countries that could be visited already in July. Here also a negative PCR Test is required by your relevant airline before departure! There is very little tourism in the safari lodges at present, guests can expect amazing wildlife sightings and very few people around. Rest assured the local employees are happy to serve every single guest.

Botswana, Zambia and also Zimbabwe have all opened their borders in the past weeks, if you are interested, we are happy to send you the official travel requirements for these countries.

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