Our tip for an extraordinary self-drive journey: Explore the Caprivi Strip!

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The Caprivi Strip in northeastern Namibia stands out as a distinctive safari destination. Stretching 450 kilometers, this relatively narrow region is characterized by a tropical landscape, featuring rivers adorned with palm trees, wetlands, and abundant wilderness. Serving as a migration route for sizable herds of elephants and buffalo between Angola and Botswana, the area offers optimal living conditions for a diverse range of wildlife, ensuring an unforgettable safari experience. Notably, this region is home to four national parks!

The Caprivi Strip combines seamlessly with the Victoria Falls, and the journey continues through the Etosha National Park and Damaraland before reaching Windhoek, creating a perfect 14-day self-drive itinerary.

However, no itinerary would be complete without including our favorite lodge, Nambwa Tented Lodge! The very spacious tented suites, covering 110m2, never fail to impress guests. The team is fantastic, and immersive wildlife experiences await. Moreover, you can visit the Sijwa projects, a community-driven initiative that emphasizes recycling and conservation.

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