What is the latest situation regarding travel to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana & Tanzania?

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The infection rates in South Africa have been on the low side for the last 2,5 months averaging between 1000 to 2000 a day. On 1st October South Africa opened the borders for international travel, however the government is working according to a “risk-list” of countries. German guests for e.g. were initially allowed in with a valid negative Covid-19 test, but recently due to the increase in the number of infections in Germany there is for now once again a travel stop. The largest English-speaking source markets to South Africa including USA and Great Britain are still on the “risk-list” with progress in each country being assessed fortnightly. Most of the tourist attractions and most hotels and lodges are open, ready for visitors and have all necessary hygiene protocols in place. For example, the One & Only Hotel in Cape Town has installed their very own Covid-19 test station in collaboration with Medicare 24. Guests at the hotel can obtain a test free of charge and non-resident guests are charged around EUR 40.00/USD 50.00.

Almost all hotels & lodges are keeping their 2020 rates for the coming year and because of the special Covid-19 travel guidelines there will be no charges for cancelling or postponing bookings!

In Namibia the borders have been open since mid-September and guests from Europe are warmly welcomed providing they can present a negative Covid-19 test result. In addition, the governments of Germany, Austria and Switzerland have all taken Namibia off their “risk country” lists which is also fabulous.

Botswana is currently still closed but we are hoping to hear positive news from 1st November or 1st December!

Tanzania has been open for international tourists since 1st June, private clients are already there on safaris or enjoying a beach holiday on Zanzibar. Recently we also booked guests there!

At the beginning of October our colleague Anke flew with Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Cape Town. She experienced first-hand the professional way the formalities, the procedures and the service in flight was organised on the 11,5 hour flight. In addition to Lufthansa, KLM, Turkish Airlines, BA and Emirates are all flying to Cape Town and Johannesburg. South Africa is back and we are happy to reconnect!


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