What is the current situation in South Africa and Namibia?

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All hotels, lodges, restaurants, shops, markets and schools are open. Beaches are emptier than before; sightseeing is made easier with no queues and few restaurants require reservations ahead of time! The 7 day incidence rate has dropped to approx. 40 and currently we still have a curfew from 11pm till 4am. All restaurants have been abiding to this regulation.

Many major tourism source markets currently classify South Africa as a lower “risk area”, a welcome sight, we are currently lobbying the handful of countries that have not followed suit. Most countries have also done away with their quarantine regulations & if travellers are fully vaccinated, no PCR Test is necessary when returning home, if unsure please contact us for up-to-date advice. October being our high season we are experiencing an increase in bookings and flight connections to Cape Town. The government is planning to have approx. 70% of the population vaccinated by December.

In Namibia the situation is similar if not better:

The infection rate in July was for a short time very high, but we are now seeing a clear improvement and reduction with the incidence rate currently at 20. Staff employed in lodges and hotels are enjoying preference and many have been fully vaccinated with tourism being one of the main sources of income in this fascinating country.

Vast expanses with sparce populations could assist Namibia to recover from this pandemic! Since July most lodge and hotel staff have been vaccinated. Here also for fully vaccinated clients from most countries quarantine is also not necessary when returning home. Please chat to our destination experts Anke & Gerhard who will consult you accordingly: anke@inspiration-africa.com

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