What is the current situation at our destinations?

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South Africa is pleased to welcome all international guests, a PCR test is mandatory! The government as a point is urgency is lobbying to have all inbound travel restriction lifted. Many tourists from especially the Northern Hemisphere are starved for a summer in the Cape, the hotels and lodges need guests urgently, but the lengthy quarantine duration upon returning home is for many travellers just not a possibility. The current incidence rate is 234, with approx. 32% of the population vaccinated, with majority hospitality staff included in these figures.

Namibia offers endless space and expanse & already open for more than a year. Due to the Omicron variant Namibia has now also been burdened with travel restrictions, here also most guests must now unfortunately complete mandatory quarantine upon returning to their home country. The incidence rate is currently 206, the vaccination rate is 15%, here also the tourism sector has been prioritised.

Tanzania & East Africa has not been affected by a travel ban and can furthermore welcome all international travellers, without quarantine periods having to be observed upon returning. Our colleague Anke recently visited the Serengeti in November, her tips can be found below. Kenya is also a safe travel option, here important to note that full vaccination is a requirement for entry.

Botswana with the publication of the variant end November was also affected, up to then we had a multitude of guests return from the destination. The incidence rate at 157 is very low with a vaccination rate of 47% attained.

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