How did our team spend the months in ‘Home Office’?

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Anke was especially involved in supporting soup kitchens and an orphanage and also supplied the homeless and street people with sandwiches, fruit and soups. A huge THANK YOU goes out to the many agents who added their financial muscle to assist and support the efforts! Our colleague Gerhard Hefers assisted agents with planning and requests for 2021. Sarah Sinn worked intensively on her studies and Beatrice Schwab looked after her family at home. In a crisis like this it becomes clear to us all what is really important in life!

During the two month hard lockdown we were restricted to staying home, only permitted to purchase essential goods. In this time it became very clear to us what a privilege it is to have cash in hand when standing in front of a fully stocked food shelf. At present approx. 1/3 of our population still require food aid, either lining up in long queues in front of soup kitchens or going to bed hungry, the need unfortunately exacerbated over the past lockdown weeks.






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