Namibia is no longer a ‘risk area’ and is ideal for Post COVID-travel!

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The number of new infections has been dramatically reduced and in the last week the number was only around 165 per day! In recent months we not only had several couples, but also families who ventured out to personally discover Namibia! The feedback has been amazing – enthusiastic clients who up to recently left Africa with tears in their eyes when flying back to the lockdown in their home country.

Without exception they all enjoyed the break from the Corona theme to the full. No media, no news, no new statistics and instead the peacefulness of nature and the wide open spaces. With fewer visitors than normal in summer there was an added sense of absolute freedom. Our clients were blown away by the hospitality of the Namibians, sensing that wherever they went they were given the ‘red carpet’ treatment. 😊

Slow travel is the new catch phrase in Namibia! Purposefully including less stops to enjoy the landscape and vastness even more, this is our insider tip!

We know the most remote lodges, if it is wanderlust or breathing space your guests require or are longing for. PCR and also rapid tests are possible on the spot. Please feel free to chat to us:

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