Is travel to Botswana or Tanzania possible again?

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This question we can once again answer with a resounding YES. Both countries were downgraded as high-risk areas at the end of July, there are no longer any quarantine restrictions for those who have been vaccinated or recovered. In addition, you no longer need a PCR test when you travel back home. The Botswana government is working hard to have all adults vaccinated by October this year.

In general, it can be said that the lodges in Southern and East Africa have adapted very well to the COVID situation and the necessary hygiene rules. Our guests who have travelled to these countries in the past few weeks were also able to confirm this and the feeling was very enthusiastic.

The safari lodges have also set up agreements with laboratories so that, if desired, PCR tests can also be carried out in the lodges, even in the Okavango Delta. You don’t have to lose valuable vacation time. The experience of the past months shows that everything must be done, especially in the 4-country corner in Victoria Falls region, that PCR tests for vaccinated and recovered guests must be abolished. We are awaiting further communication.


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